Call for Submissions – Brain Beans Live presents FEAR!

14463117_1825313237687217_5183598287940478304_nGOOD NEWS- we’re doing a *SPECIAL* edition of Brain Beans Live this month! We are looking for scary stories for the Halloween night FEAR. Ghost stories, clown stories, monsters both fictitious and real. Anything that scared you. No restrictions other than that stories need to be true and 10-15 minutes long or so. You’ll also need to be available for the event which will creep up on us Tuesday October 25 at Urban Artifact. Send us submissions here on Facebook or

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Episode 5 – Ghost Stories

This episode was supposed to be all ghost stories.  The problem is that I was trying to tell ghost stories with my drunk friends and it ended up being drunk girl talk with a couple ghost stories at the end.  I think we needed a little light hearted fun after a few heavy episodes though, right?  None of the gals in this weeks episode are credited because I don’t think anyone wants this silliness on their permanent record!

1129699This is the house featured in my ghost story.  It’s gorgeous, right?

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This episode features some freeware audio loops.  Under the ‘links’ tab you can find where to download each of these loops and other sites with songs and loops available for download that are used on this podcast.

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