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14463117_1825313237687217_5183598287940478304_nGOOD NEWS- we’re doing a *SPECIAL* edition of Brain Beans Live this month! We are looking for scary stories for the Halloween night FEAR. Ghost stories, clown stories, monsters both fictitious and real. Anything that scared you. No restrictions other than that stories need to be true and 10-15 minutes long or so. You’ll also need to be available for the event which will creep up on us Tuesday October 25 at Urban Artifact. Send us submissions here on Facebook or

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Tig Notaro Live Show in Columbus Last Night

Yesterday my pal Corrie and I drove a couple of hours to Columbus to see Tig Notaro preform again.

Neither of us had ever been to The Bluestone for any reason and we were both pretty blown away with how gorgeous and clean and well maintained the place was.  Hell, they even had a handsome 17 year old taking our $5 parking payment.  (ugh, I’m going to jail now I think).  Neither of us could think of anything in Cincinnati that compares, but was sort of like the former Southgate House (now the Thompson House) if it was super clean and thoughtfully renovated.  It was so pristine, from the white folding chairs to the glass surrounding the balcony.  No a single initial scratched in the glass.  What was it, magic glass?  Some respectful-ass Columbus residents?  With a good amount of traffic and some light snow/rain on the way in, we arrived only about 1/2 an hour before the show began.  I had really wanted to get up close like a proper creep, but we found that there were prime empty seats in the balcony.  Creeping from above is great too! Plus the balcony had its own bar with zero wait and $6 well cocktails. In all of the excitement and day long panic attack I literally didn’t remember to eat anything after like 1:00 pm yesterday.  So, cheap and short-lived drunk, basically.  It was already shaping up to be the perfect show.


 This was our vantage point from the balcony.


 There was a pretty large population of straights in the audience.  Because comedy transcends sexual orientation, you guys.

IMG_4636No one ever sat in the seats behind us, though most of the front row seats finally filled up right before show time.  Still, super intimate up there.

Tig’s set ended up being pretty much identical to the set she preformed just a few months ago in Cincinnati.  Which is, you know, totally expected.  But it was still completely hilarious and wonderful and I enjoyed every second of it.  After a few more months of practice, some of the stories were even richer in depth and detail and humorosity.  We laughed ’till we cried and heckled her only a little.

After the show I had every intention of saying hi to Tig’s face.  I found myself standing in line and sweating like a whore in church, despite the fact that Corrie  was wearing her winter coat (along with everyone else in line) and holding mine while little sweat droplets fell out of my sleeveless tank and I fluffed my hair nervously.  Tig was as gracious as always, taking her time to sign the poster that I bought.  She asked who to make it out to and I pointed to my name on my vest.  She asked “Is that it?” and I though for too long then asked if it would make me a jerk to ask her to correct a mistake she had made on my vest when she signed it last time.  I think I asked her if it would make me a jerk about 47 times.


“You, um, forgot to write the ‘is’? Oh God, I’m a jerk”

IMG_4643This actual face I was making conveys just how much of a jerk I felt like.

She was super nice about it and did not think that I was a jerk. Then promptly wrote on my poster. “Casey, you are a jerk.”  Which was the most perfect thing and that is when we became best friends and went out for drinks and texted all night about our lives and go to know each other and she invited me to Christmas with her and her fiancée.  Jk. That is when she invited me behind the counter and threw her arm around me and pointed at me saying “THIS GIRL IS A JERK” while Corrie continued over-documenting the event (lets be friends forever, Corrie).  I put my arm around her waist (yeah, you jelly) and could NOT hold it together enough to smize and turn up one corner of my mouth.  I’m full on guffawing in this picture. Best night.


On the way home, Corrie and I had epic girl talks and the 2 hour drive back home was almost just as fun as the show we had just been to. So glad we didn’t miss it.

Tig is still has a ton of tour dates, I can’t recommend enough that you see her live in your town.  Her website is

I realize that this post is not exactly Brain Beans related, but I thought it would be a nice excuse to recap the show last night.  Since Tig was such a big inspiration for me starting my own podcast, it still seems fitting.  I’m working on a really great episode right now that’s almost finished.  I’m excited enough about this one that an early release is highly likely!

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