Episode 6 – Dating Stories Part II

unnamedThis is part two of the series.  At this point I’m not sure how many parts there will be because I have several more stories recorded to share.  I do know that there will be at least a part 3, though!

The first story is from Julie Hill about the first time she hung out with a gentleman that she’d heard so much about. (there was some build up). Julie also created the artwork for this week’s podcast, inspired by the 3rd story.  Check out her website!

Story 2 is told by Grace about the first time she met her own dude of the internet form a message board.  Don’t we know by now that that’s a bad idea?

The third story is told by Lisa Cantrell who is also the creator and host of the podcast An Inexact Science.

Finally, a gentleman friend tells the story of his most embarrassing first date.  He prefers to remain anonymous.

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This episode features some freeware audio loops.  Under the ‘links’ tab you can find where to download each of these loops and other sites with songs and loops available for download that are used on this podcast.

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