Call for Submissions – Brain Beans Live!

13934785_10154063488798172_8619450119286625165_nBrain Beans Live is seeking submissions from storytellers for our next show’s theme: FALL. Survive a big fall while drunk camping? Have a story about the season and/or special affinity for cornucopia? Fall in love with some jerk and got pregnant? Grandma fell and broke her hip and it changed your life? Are you a straight up lumberjack who cuts down trees for a living? Something we haven’t thought of? Stories should be approximately 10-15 minutes in length and based on a real life experience. No notes, you get to share your experience as real and raw as you recall before a live audience. Stories will be recorded and podcasted. Please send pitches to No experience required! Brain Beans Live will be performed at Urban Artifact Tuesday September 27th at 8pm.

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