SSS 2: Zack and Will


At the top of this episode is a quick update from the story Just Like Carl and Arthur.

In this single story short, I tell the story of a fun but short lived friendship one summer in high school. We worked together for the summer at an amusement park and things got a little weird when we decided to hang out outside of work one night.

The photo to the left shows Zack and Will rolling around on the floor with the 2 dogs that belonged to the homeowner of the house we were partying at. I had completely forgotten about these dogs until I went back and started looking at my old photos to see if I had any of either of these guys. I didn’t realize that I actually took a couple that night.



This is a photo of me and Zack. My hair was generally gelled up and parted on the side (I literally didn’t leave the house without a giant bottle of LA Looks) but after dancing around I think I sweated out all of the gel. Either way, terrible look. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This was from one of those cheesy dance parties in the location known as the Festhaus at the time.


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This episode features a song from my friends The Lions Rampant. They’re not making music anymore, at least right now under that name, but! you can check out some members other projects like DAAP Girls and Electric Citizen.

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