Episode 1 Bonus Clip

Looking through some old home movies today I came across this one of a birthday party. I opened up a gift and popped up to show my mom that the mailing address for New Kids on the Block was on the back.  Immediately made me think of Episode 1. I guess I always wanted to meet my idols! I believe this video was taken on my 7th birthday.  Also, it was much easier for me to just take a quick phone video of my computer vs ripping the video from the dvd so the quality isn’t the best…but it wasn’t the best to begin with.


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Single Story Short 1 Just Like Karl and Arthur

The Old SaloonThis story comes from your host, Casey Arnold.  I did have a cold when I recorded this episode, but really my voice in the intro sure sounds a lot worse than the rest of the episode, but I hope it’s not too distracting!

9 years ago I made a friend at a bar called The Old Saloon. I was a regular there for only about 4 months when it closed its doors and I lost touch with him. I chose this picture of the bar because it accurately describes the majority of my recollections of it. Blurry. Dark. Hard to remember.  I took it in August 2005.

I was reminded of that friend, “Karl”, last week when I was sorting through some of my old journal entries.  I decided to look him up on a whim and even though I only had a first name, “Karl” ended up being easier to track down than I thought he would be. But was I prepared for what I found?

Names in this story have been changed. I will be sure to record any updates to this story as they come along. Now that I’m keeping my eyes open, the likelihood of me running into Karl and Arthur seems like a pretty real possibility. No guarantees that I’ll be brave enough to say ‘hi’ or anything.

This episode features the song Churchbells by Lisa Cantrell.  You can listen to and download her music here and her podcast An Inexact Science can be found on iTunes. Under the ‘links’ tab you can find where to download the loops used in this episode and other sites with songs and loops available for download that are used on this podcast.


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Episode 1 Heroes – Complete First Episode

The10394085_10152577698208172_439037419861783398_n last post contained a teaser for episode 1 where you heard the first story in its entirety.  In Chapter 1, I explore the topic of meeting your heroes and consider the advice that one should never meet their heroes or idols in a sort of audio essay.  To the left is a photo of myself meeting my hero, who I talk about in this episode, comedianne (isn’t that word classy?), Tig Notaro.  She hosts a podcast on the Earlwolf Network called Professor Blastoff  and has appeared on tv on programs such as The Sarah Silverman Program and various late night appearances including this set on Conan which is one of my favorites.


In the all new Chapter 2, contributor Lisa Witte talks about meeting her hero, Ryan Stiles.  Ryan is an improv actor best known for his work on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Both British and American Versions). She muses on her feelings and admiration for Stiles and what the day was like for her. Lisa also compiled this Buzzfeed list A Compilation of Reasons to Love Ryan Stiles which she doesn’t mention on the podcast but is a little bonus for our readers. This photo that Lisa provided was from the first time she met Ryan.

Stick around at the end of this episode to hear Lisa and me chat more on the subject.

Look for episode 2 coming in January! Subscribe on iTunes or add Brain Beans to your RSS for updates.

This episode features the songs Montmarte, Talk to Me, and Green Lights by Jahzzar, and Broke for Free by Something Elated in that order.  Under the ‘links’ tab you can find where to download each of these songs and other sites with songs and loops available for download that are used on this podcast.
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