Episode 1 Teaser

The teaser for the first episode of the podcast is here!

This episode is about heroes.

In Chapter 1, I explore the topic of meeting your heroes and consider the advice that one should never meet their heroes or idols in a sort of audio essay.  Below is a photo of myself meeting my hero, who I talk about in this episode, comedianne (isn’t that word classy?), Tig Notaro.


This is one of three  two stories that will be featured in the full release of episode one.  The sooner I find some great stories, the sooner I can start releasing more episodes.  If you’d like to contribute or have an idea for an episode, please click on the ‘contact’ link and send me a message.

This episode features the songs Montmarte, Talk to Me, and Green Lights by Jahzzar in that order.  Under the ‘links’ tab you can find where to download each of these songs and other sites with songs and loops available for download.


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